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Beyond Influential

Mar 6, 2019

"Influence is a business."

I had such a great conversation with Whitney Eckis on her Under the Influence podcast that I wanted to make sure to share with you.

Whitney is the founder of Eckis Marketing, a social media agency out of San Diego, and also the founder of The Influence Movement, which brings together brands & influencers to inspire and empower positive impact. Not only did I love her vibe and her energy, but we covered so many of the topics that are relevant to growing your own influence.

We cover:

  • My passion for personal branding
  • Entrepreneurs vs. Influencers
  • How influence is a business
  •  The elements of a successful personal branding
  •  LinkedIn & more!

To connect with Whitney:

Eckis Marketing

Whitney's Instagram

The Influence Movement

Under the Influence Podcast

My full episode with Whitney

To connect with me, Brittany Krystle:

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